NONO Reversible Bomber Jacket

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Elevate her style with our Reversible Girls Bomber Jacket.

Ages 8 to 14. One side features velour elegance in captivating blue, while the other boasts a bold red check pattern.

Both sides are equally stunning and versatile. Pair it with our Nono Collection pieces for a fabulous look.

Shop now for quality and style!

Product Code: 5309

Machine Wash up to 30′



Elevate Her Wardrobe: Reversible Girls Bomber Jacket

Double the Style, Double the Impact

Explore our Reversible Girls Bomber Jacket, a must-have for girls and teens aged 8 to 14. With two striking sides, it’s a statement piece for any occasion.

Velour Elegance

One side boasts stylish velour in a captivating blue hue, adding a touch of sophistication to her look.

Checkered Chic

Flip it over for a bold statement – the contrasting red check pattern side offers a vibrant, youthful charm.

Quality Guaranteed

Crafted for durability and style, this jacket is a testament to our commitment to providing good-quality, stylish clothing for your daughter.

Versatile Fashion

Both sides of this bomber jacket make a statement, ensuring she’s always dressed to impress. Pair it with our Nono Collection pieces for an ensemble that’s truly fabulous.

Available Now

Elevate your daughter’s wardrobe with this high-quality, reversible bomber jacket. Shop today and make every outfit extraordinary!

Product Code: 5309

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