Billieblush Ivory Tiger Top


This is a masterpiece that captures the essence of childhood magic. Imagine your little one in this long-sleeve ivory wonder, adorned with a dazzling sequin Tiger’s face. It’s pure enchantment!

With its vibrant colors and playful hot pink accents on the cuffs and waistband, it’s a fashion statement waiting to happen. Versatile and chic, it effortlessly pairs with Billieblush’s tulle skirts and other pieces, making every day an adventure in style.

Billieblush celebrates children’s creativity, and this top is the embodiment of that spirit. For girls aged 4 to 10, it’s the ultimate choice to showcase their unique style. Make memories and let their individuality shine—order the Billieblush Ivory Tiger Top today!

Machine Wash Up to 30′

Product Code: U15B98

100% Cotton

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Billieblush Ivory Tiger Top: Sparkling Sequin Elegance for Kids

Dazzling Billieblush Colorful Tiger Sequin Top: A Playful Fashion Statement

Elevate your child’s style with the Billieblush Ivory Tiger Top—a stunning long-sleeve ivory masterpiece that’s more than just clothing. It’s a work of art, featuring a mesmerizing Tiger’s face embellished with dazzling sequins.

The highlights of this sparkly top include:

1. Sparkling Sequin Tiger: At its core, a captivating sequin Tiger illustration takes center stage. With vibrant colors and intricate details, it’s a showstopper, ensuring your child stands out with grace and charm.

2. Vibrant Pink Accents: Playful and sophisticated, hot pink stitching accents the cuffs and waistband, adding a pop of fun to the design.

3. Versatile Styling: This top effortlessly pairs with various Billieblush pieces, including the popular Billieblush tulle skirts. This versatility allows you to create stylish outfits that reflect your child’s unique style.

Designed for girls aged 4 to 10, the Billieblush Girls’ Colorful Tiger Top is the ideal choice for those who want to express themselves through fashion. Billieblush’s mission is to celebrate children’s creativity through clothing, and this top embodies that mission perfectly.

Whether it’s a special event, a school day, or a casual outing, the Colorful Tiger Sequin Top is your go-to for elevating your child’s style. Don’t miss the chance to let your little one make a fashion statement as unique and dazzling as they are. Order today for your Billieblush Winter wardrobe and watch them shine with elegance and creativity

Product Code: U15B98

100% Cotton

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Billieblush’s brand was established in 2013. Ever since, it’s adorned the wardrobes of spirited, playful, joyous, flirty, sophisticated girls with a taste for adventure. No matter the weather, the contemporary Billieblush Princess won’t feel chilly, thanks to a vibrant fabulous collection that warms the soul and brightens those winter days for every little Fashionista.

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