Billieblush Iridescent Rainbow Bag


Introducing the enchanting Billieblush Iridescent Rainbow Bag – a must-have accessory for our little princesses! This shimmering handbag features a 3D rainbow adorned with glitter and stars, both inside and out. With its fancy polyester strap and compact size (11x18x4 cm), it’s the perfect holder of princess essentials. Complete with the signature Billieblush label, it’s a genuine piece from our beloved brand. This magical bag effortlessly complements all the fabulous Billieblush Winter outfits, adding a burst of color and charm to every occasion. Let your little one shine with this captivating accessory that turns every day into a fairytale!

Product Code: U10553

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Billieblush Iridescent Rainbow Bag – A Magical Accessory for Little Princesses

Elevate your child’s style with the enchanting Billieblush Rainbow Bag—a pretty accessory that adds a touch of magic to any outfit. This rainbow bag, crafted in shimmering PVC, features a 3D rainbow application adorned with glitter and branded stars. More stars embellish the interior, adding to its charm.

The fancy shaded polyester strap enhances its appeal, making it a trendy choice for young fashionistas. All your little princess’s essential bits will stay compact in this bag, measuring 11x18x4 cm, it perfectly holds everything.

The Billieblush signature label on the side certifies its authenticity as a genuine piece from this beloved brand. It’s not just a bag; it’s a whimsical expression of style and creativity.

Shine with the Billieblush Iridescent Rainbow Bag

Be it for school, exciting weekend adventures, or cherished special occasions, this magical bag effortlessly harmonizes with all the fabulous Billieblush Winter outfits. Your little one’s journey, whether it’s a typical school day, an exciting weekend adventure, or a special event, is transformed into a magical experience with this enchanting accessory. The Billieblush Iridescent Rainbow Bag infuses a burst of color and charm into every moment.

Let your little one shine brightly with this handbag, her new favorite accessory. Order today and bring enchantment to her Billieblush Winter wardrobe. It’s the Billieblush way of making every day feel like a fairytale.

Product Code: U10553

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Billieblush’s brand was established in 2013. Ever since, it’s adorned the wardrobes of spirited, playful, joyous, flirty, sophisticated girls with a taste for adventure. No matter the weather, the contemporary Billieblush Princess won’t feel chilly, thanks to a vibrant fabulous collection that warms the soul and brightens those winter days for every little Fashionista.

Billieblush logo, available online at Muiri K Dungarvan


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